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Zarif's game plan and Al monitor's role

Iranian Forum, 18 October 2013

While Javad Zarif has requested 5+1 to keep the Iranian nuclear proposal secret, his entourage gave Al Monitor the alleged details of Iran's offer. In May 2003, while Zarif was secretly negotiating with US in Geneva, his friends sent the grand bargain offer to Washington. Is Barbara Slavin playing Bob Ney's role?


On Wednesday 16, the negotiations between Iran and 5+1 countries ended in Geneva and all parties agreed not to reveal the details of Iranian proposal.

One day later, Al Monitor's Barbara Slavin published the details of Iran's alleged proposal and claimed that she was briefed by an Iranian source who did not want to be identified. Iranian observers who follow Slavin and Al Monitor believe that Hossein Mousavian (a close associate of Zarif) could be the Iranian source for the story.

The question to be answered is why Zarif asked the 5+1 to keep the secrecy and at the same time, his friends leak the detail of the offer. A similar episode that involved Zarif and occurred in 2003 could help to understand Zarif's game plan and Slavin's role.

In 2003, Zarif was the Iranian ambassador to the UN and was secretly negotiating with the US to prepare the invasion of Iraq. On May 3, 2003 he met with Ryan Crooker and Zelmay Khalilzad in Geneva. At the same time, his friend and colleague Sadegh Kharazi who was ambassador to France, prepared an offer for grand bargain and gave it the Swiss Ambassador to Iran Tim Guldimann to take the offer to Washington. (See New York Times report)

Guldimann sent the offer to DOS and met with the corrupted Congressman Bob Ney and gave him a copy that he sent to the White House. Trita Parsi who served Ney at that time was assigned by Ney to manage this issue (see reports and documents)

For several years, the Iranian regime and its Washington partners used the "Iranian offer" in a large-scale campaign to prove that Iran was ready for peace and dialogue while the US was seeking war with Iran.  

If Iran was really seeking peace with the US in 2003, so, why didn't Zarif deliver the offer of the grand bargain to the White House representative, Zelmay Khalilzad, who was present in the May meeting in Geneva and instead, Iran used the corrupted Congressman Bob Ney?

In fact, the Iranian regime wanted to use the offer that was a fax with no real author and put no responsibility on Iranian government to manipulate the public opinion.

Is Zarif playing the same grand bargain sketch again by leaking unverified details of his offer to claim that Iran is offering everything and is ready for compromise BUT the warmongers, are spoiling this historic opportunity?

Is Barbara Slavin playing Bob Ney's role ?