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Iranian diplomat: confrontation with Israel is a gift to Bashar Assad that could save his regime

Iranian Forum, 17 Nov. 2012

Sobhani declared that a possible war with Israel can help Bashar Al Assad. He told that Obama's victory is not a gift for the regime because he is more capable of bringing an international coalition against Iran and increase pressure and sanctions ....


Mohammad Ali Sobhani, former Iranian ambassador to Lebanon and Jordan told the "Iran Diplomacy" in Tehran that a military confrontation between Syria and Israel can divert the attentions from Syrian domestic problems, lift the pressure off the regime and help Bashar Assad.

Using diplomatic language and trying not to oppose the Supreme Leader's position, Sobhani predicted that the recent developments in Syria and particularly the union of opposition groups suggest that the regime's survival will become more difficult.

He also elaborated about Obama's victory and told that his election could be a good scenario if Iran seeks a compromise but if the regime wants to continue the current path, then, Obama is more dangerous because the Europeans and international community will more readily support his decision to pressure Iran.

At the end, Sobhani asked the Iranian leaders to "evaluate the new situation correctly and make wise decisions"