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The Mysterious Ascend of a Novice Iranian Apologist in the United States, 11.13.2011

Last week IAEA, the UN Nuclear watchdog, published its report  citing credible evidence pointing to military dimensions to Iran's atomic activities. One day later, New York Times published an article by an Iranian young man Reza Marashi. The overnight fame of this man, unknown to the Iran experts community,  or Iranian American community until a few months ago is nothing short of a mysterious marvel.

Reza Marashi, until recently had not even published a single article in second  or third rate journals and web outlets. Is the sudden prominence and access to NY Times and other first rate national media accidental?

Reza Marashi worked for Atieh Bahar until 2006. Atieh Bahar is an oil and financial agency closely related to the inner circles of power in Tehran. Trita Parsi, who leads a major lobbying effort to remove  or soften sanctions against Iran also worked for Atieh Bahar around the same time as Reza Marashi. Trita Parsi’s partner in establishing the Iranian Lobby in the US, was the Chef Executive in the Atieh Bahar. Too much coincident?

To know more about Atieh Bahar read these.  To become more familiar with Trita Parsi’s collaboration with Atieh Bahar and Namazi family read these.

With the launch of the lobby, Reza Marashi came to the United States and got a job in the Institute for National Strategic Studies (a connected organization to the Department of Defense). After a short period this young man was employed by the State Department assigned to the task of facilitating the US engagement  with Iran. After four years at the State Department, Reza Marashi joined NIAC last years, openly engaging in the lobby to remove sanctions against the Iranian regime.

The secret for Marashi’s miraculous sudden ascent is entailed in his recent numerous articles, and specifically in his recent NY Times article. In these writings, he urges the United States to engage the Ayatollahs and adopt friendly relations with them. Such  advocacy is extremely effective for entities who stand to financially benefit from friendly relations between the US government and the Iranian rulers. Particularly since the mouth peace is an Iranian, working for an organization (i.e. NIAC) that claims to represent Iranians.