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گزارش پنتاگون در باره وزارت اطلاعات و همکاری تریتا پارسی و نایاک با مأموران رژیم

Hassan Dai, 6 Jan. 2013

pentagon reportگزارش پنتاگون، خدابنده و سینگلتون را مآمور وزارت اطلاعات معرفی میکند. شگفت آنکه، با اطلاع دولت آمریکا از این امر، هر دوی آنان با تریتا پارسی همکاری میکردند، نایاک برایشان در کنگره جلسه سخنرانی گذاشت و با حمایت وزارت خارجه آمریکا، لابی مشترکی از طرف آنان برای دادن امتیاز به رژیم آخوند-پاسدار براه افتاد

Pentagon Report on Iranian Intelligence agents Who Collaborated with NIAC

Iranian American Forum, 5 Jan. 2013

The Pentagon report names two individuals as Iranian intelligence agents. NIAC worked with them and organized a Congressional briefing for them. Also, NIAC worked with editor of Iraninterlink, identified by the report as VEVAK's website

Trita Parsi's "anti war" business: a response to Parsi's attck

Hassan Dai, 31 Dec. 2012

Once again, Trita Parsi of NIAC has asked for money. As usual, he presents himself as a genuine defender of peace and frames his critics (including me Hassan dai) as the stooges of warmongers and neocons who seek the invasion of our country. Parsi's new writing reveals his true nature and deceit

The "Iran lobby" writes to Obama

The letter to Obama that was prepared by NIAC and signed by 24 diplomats and experts, received warm reception in Tehran and the "Iran diplomacy" controlled by the regime's former diplomats published a report with Trita Parsi's picture titled: "Did the Iran lobby in the US speak out?"

The Iranian Regime Appeasement Lobby

A brief story of "appeasement lobby" and its influence in Washington. Launched by US corporations in 1990s to lift sanctions, it created proxy "Iranian-American" organizations, helped emergence of Tehran fabricated groups and high jacked the anti war movement

Iranian diplomat: confrontation with Israel is a gift to Bashar Assad that could save his regime

Iranian Forum, 17 Nov. 2012

Sobhani declared that a possible war with Israel can help Bashar Al Assad. He told that Obama's victory is not a gift for the regime because he is more capable of bringing an international coalition against Iran and increase pressure and sanctions ....

State Department the bastion of appeasement toward Iran

Hassan Dai, Kayvan Kaboli, 17 November 2012

State Department's continued support to NIAC and its assistance to the Iranian regime's officials to come to the US, recycle as scholars in the best universities and lobby if favor of regime shows a desire to maintain back channels to the Iranian rulers and appease them

گزارشی از فعالیت های لابی مماشات

فوروم ایرانیان، 21 اکتبر 2012

هشدار سوزان مالونی نسبت به خطر شورش و انقلاب در ایران، مشاور نایاک رئیس کمیته تحقیق وزارت خارجه شد، شرکت تریتا پارسی و تامس پیکرینک در کنفرانس تولدو، سخنرانی بیژن خواجه پور دلال نفتی رژیم در موسسه ویلسون

The Elephant in the Room

Andreas Benl, 21, Nov. 2012

Gaza and the challenge of the Iranian regime

We still do not know all details about the newest military clash between Hamas and Israel. But it is already clear that without Iranian weapons a similar escalation would not have been possible. Yet the hand of the Iranian regime is hardly analyzed in the reports of Western media. Some even claim that the role of the Islamic Republic can't be so important in the actual Gaza conflict since Hamas has positioned itself on the anti-Assad side in the Syrian civil war.

"No stage for the Iranian regime at Frankfurt book fair"

The campaign „STOP THE BOMB –No Deals with the Iranian Regime!“ will protest against the participation of the Iranian regime at the Frankfurt Book Fair. On Wednesday, October 10, from 8.30 am to 4 pm a protest booth will be near the area “City-Eingang” to the fair at the “Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage”. At 1.00 pm the campaign will hold a protest rally under the slogan “No Stage for the Iranian Regime!”.

Time for new Iranian-American voice on Capitol Hill

Peter Kohanloo, 9.27.2012, The Daily Caller

NIAC will be hosting its annual conference next week in our nation’s capital. Fresh on the heels of losing its defamation lawsuit, NIAC received more bad news when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that she would be removing the MEK from the State Department’s list of terrorist organizations. Despite these back-to-back failures, NIAC continues to display a tin ear to the aspirations of Iranian-Americans


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