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Relation and cooperation between Iranian regime and American anti-war groups

Iranian American Forum report, May 2013

Public and court documents show how the Iranian regime was able to infiltrate, manipulate and high jack some of the American anti-war groups and use them in a vast lobby campaign to influence public opinion and US policy with Iran

اهمیت کاندیداتوری رفسنجانی

فوروم ایرانیان

کاندیداتوری رفسنجانی ناشی از توافق با ولی فقیه برای گرم کردن تنور انتخابات نیست. ورود وی به صحنه، اعلان جنگ به خامنه ای و مقابله با سیاست های کلان ولی فقیه است. آنچه به رفسنجانی جرئت ورود به صحنه را داد، بحران های عمیق رژیم، خطر سرنگونی و ضعف خامنه ای است.

Preventing Iranian terrorism on American soil

Iranian American Forum, 5 May 2013

Iranian regime's political and religious web of influence in US is designed to influence public opinion and decision makers in Washington, but Iran can use this network to send their agents, gather data, get access to targets and other logistic support for its terrorist activities

Obama policy on Syria set by Iran

Iranian Forum, 2 May 2013

A reason for Obama's inaction in Syria and Assad's braving the redlines is the US illusionary hope to reach a deal with Iran. Hence, Obama respects  redlines defined by Iranian regime in Iraq and Syria

Today Court ruling on Parsi & NIAC versus Hassan Dai

It is hereby ORDERED that judgment is entered in favor of defendant (Hassan Dai) and against plaintiffs (NIAC & Trita Parsi) on the merits and that judgment in the amount of $183,480.09, plus interest from September 13, 2012, is entered in favor of defendant and against plaintiffs on defendant's motion for sanctions

Iranian regime's projects more lobby in US and support to anti-war groups

Iranian American Forum, 25 March 2013

Iranian government has published a report on Foreign ministry's  five years plan to double the regime's lobby in the West, collaboration with "favorable lobby groups" and support to anti-war organizations to influence host country's policy with Iran

پایان عوامفریبی و کنار رفتن نقاب ها

حسن داعی، 17 مارس

مقاله جدید گنجی، نمونه بی سابقه ای از وارونه جلوه دادن حقیقت بمنظور مشروعیت بخشیدن به اصلاح طلبی در نظام ولایت فقیه است. وی با لجن پراکنی علیه اپوزیسیون ساختار شکن، یکبار دیگر نشان میدهد که با حمایت مالی دست راستی ترین محافل آمریکائی، پرچم دروغین صلح طلبی و مبارزه ضد آمریکائی بدست گرفته و برای ماندگاری رژیم تلاش میکند

یهود ستیزی در ایران

حسن داعی

از آنجا که "یهود ستیزی و جنگ صلیبی با اسرائیل" یکی از پایه های واپسگرائی اسلامی حاکم بر کشورمان، زیربنای سیاست خارجی و از شگردهای رژیم یرای یارگیری در ایران و در منطقه میباشد، ما ایرانیان بایستی ددیدگاه و اندیشه خود را از رسوبات یهود ستیزانه پاک و مبرا کنیم تا یکی از باتلاق های رشد واپسگرائی در کشورمان برای همیشه خشک شود

Trita Parsi was reporting to Iranian ambassador

Hassan Dai, 23 Jan. 2013

These email exchanges between Parsi and Iranian ambassador Javad Zarif suggest that Parsi was passing information to Iranian ambassador. It seems that Parsi profited from his work in Bob Ney's office to collect information and send it to Zarif

Gary Sick and Iranian regime, a case study

Hassan Dai, 20 Jan. 2013

Since 1993 when Sick was supported by oil giants and started his advocacy for friendship with Tehran, he has remained the most constant defender of Iranian regime

Could they trick Obama on Iran?

Hassan Dai, 14 Jan. 2013

A group of Iran experts, former officials and lobbyists who deceived Obama 4 years ago have launched a new campaign. They are telling that the Iranian Mullahs are ready for compromise and US should accept their red lines, lift the sanctions and secure regime's future


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