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Mullahs' pundit Hooman Majd calls WSJ editor a "House Negro"

Alana Goodman, 21 Oct. 2013, Washington Free Beacon

Hooman Majd, Iranian regime's pundit in the US has called  the anti-regime WSJ journalist Ahmari a "House Negro". In 2012, Majd sent a tweet to human rights defender Nazanin Afshin-Jam, and wrote: “F***ing a Canadian minister doesn’t make you Canadian, azizam. Come back to papa.”

Human Rights in Iran as Grim as Ever

Hamid Yazdan Panah , 20 October 2013*

Lost in the media coverage of Iran's nuclear program and its President's charm offensive is the grim human rights situation faced by Iranians, particularly those who dare to defy the regime. 250 people have been executed since Rouhani took office two months ago.

Zarif's game plan and Al monitor's role

Iranian Forum, 18 October 2013

While Javad Zarif has requested 5+1 to keep the Iranian nuclear proposal secret, his entourage gave Al Monitor the alleged details of Iran's offer. In May 2003, while Zarif was secretly negotiating with US in Geneva, his friends sent the grand bargain offer to Washington. Is Barbara Slavin playing Bob Ney's role?

مذاکرات هسته ای، رویای رژیم و کابوس مردم ایران

فوروم ایرانیان، 17 اکتبر 2013

هدف رژیم حفظ قابلیت تولید سلاح هسته ای است. سران نظام خیال میکنند که با خرید وقت و استفاده از کارت های منطقه ای و بهره گیری از شکاف های سیاسی در آمریکا و با دور زدن اسرائیل میتوانند آمریکا را مجبور به پذیرش هژمونی منطقه ای جمهوری اسلامی مجهز به توان هسته ای کنند. اصرار رژیم برای پیگیری این تئوری متوهمانه که به دکترین برد-برد معروف شده، کشور را بازهم ویران تر میکند

For Tehran appeasers, all previous nuclear negotiations ended positively

Iranian American Forum, 16 October 2013

Today, pro-engagement pundits praised nuclear negotiations as useful, candid and positive. But Tehran appeasers have always used the same language to praise past failed talks. Just a few examples:

Iran's second foreign minister

Hassan Dai, 14 October 2013

Oil Minister Zanganeh introduces himself as Iran's second Foreign Minister because by offering attractive energy contracts to Western oil companies, he can push them to lobby against the sanctions and influence the West's policy with Iran, notably on nuclear issue

Mohamad Nourizad cancels his NIAC speech

Iranian American Forum, 13 October 2013

Mohamad Nourizad, a prominent dissident in Iran, who was scheduled to speak at the NIAC’s annual conference, responded to the Iranian-Americans' demand and canceled his speech. He announced the cancellation on his website and Facebook page

Zarif is asked to confess

Iranian American Forum, 12 October 2013

The last Friday prayer was used as a stage against the Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. The main speaker Ahmad Khatami, close to the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, asked Zarif to admit publicly that some mistakes were made during the New York trip where Rouhani talked to Obama and Zarif met with Kerry.

وزیر خارجه دوم کابینه روحانی

حسن داعی، 10 اکتبر 2010

بیژن زنگنه وزیر نفت، خودش را وزیر خارجه دوم کابینه معرفی میکند زیرا "با ارائه قراردادهای جذاب به کمپانی های نفتی غربی، آنان را به لابی علیه تحریم ها، تأثیر گذاری روی سیاست غرب در مورد ایران و قانع کردن غرب به نرمش در مذاکرات هسته ای مصمم تر میکند." بدین ترتیب، قاسم سلیمانی دیپلماسی تروریسم، ظریف دیپلماسی لبخند و زنگنه دیپلماسی حراج نفت را به پیش میبرند

Javad Zarif's work plan

Iranian Forum, 25 August 2013

Javad Zarif, Iran's new foreign minister vows to exploit divisions in the US Congress over Iran, to revive the anti-Israeli crusade in Washington and to strengthen the Iran lobby in the US.

دروغ نویسی 466 فعال سیاسی به اوباما

حسن داعی، 19 آگوست 2013

با نگاهی به چند نمونه از دروغ های آشکار در این بیانیه باید گفت که نویسندگان آن، خوانندگان را فاقد شعور سیاسی فرض کرده اند. هدف اصلی آنها از صدور بیانیه، فراهم نمودن ابزار تبلیغی برای لابی خارج از کشوری رژیم است. آنان روحانی را منتخب مردم ایران و رژیم را اهل صلح و سازش معرفی کرده اند و گناه درد و رنج مردم را نیز به گردن آمریکا و تحریم ها انداخته اند


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