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Trita Parsi and Anti Semitism PDF Print

During the past 15 years, TritaParsi has tried to depict Israel as the main hurdle preventing any possible rapprochement between Iran. Parsi has always tried to frame his lobby as a battle against AIPAC, “David versus Goliath: a smaller grassroots Iranian-American movement (NIAC) on one side and the hawkish American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) mega-lobby on the other.”

NIAC and Parsi have justified the Iranian regime's hatred toward Israel and have paled its flagrant anti Semitism.

NIAC's anti-Israeli crusade has effectively helped institutionalization of anti-Semitism in different ways:

  • In an effort to acquit Iran and blame Israel for US-Iran standoff, Parsi uses deceptive myths about Israeli extraordinary power to impose its will on the entire civilized world. The US, Europe and United Nations seem to be forced to fulfill Israeli dictate.
  • Parsi and NIAC's relentless PR efforts to pale and justify the Iranian regime's anti-Semitism, legitimizes the anti Jewish hatred and assists the Mullahs to spread their dangerous ideas.
  • By presenting the Iranian regime as a victim rather than partly responsible for the Middle East turmoil and hostilities toward United States, he has influenced US policy towards easing pressure against Iran. This has tremendously assisted Iran to advance its nuclear program and its hegemonic drive in the region. This has resulted in the spread of fundamentalism and anti-Semitism in the region.

To read the full report, use the link below:

Blame Israel and pale the Iranian regime's anti-Antisemitism: