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CASMII and FOR (Iran), two of CNAPI members,  worked with the Iranian government

In 2006, the Iranian regime launched a vast campaign to attract the American peace activists and use them in a lobby against sanctions. CASMII (Campaign against sanctions and military intervention in Iran) was created. Leila Zand responsible for Iran activities in Fellowship of reconciliation (FOR) was CASMII's key partner to recruit among the peace activists. Hundreds of them were selected and participated in propaganda trips to Iran.

CASMII and FOR were partner members of lobby coalition called: "Campaign for New American Policy with Iran" (CNAPI). This colaition was coordinated by NIAC

CASMII and FOR worked with Iranian government

CASMII and FOR worked with Ahmadinejad office and organized a conference in Tehran for Iranian expatriates and foreign peace activists. They held two workshop titled: "How to oppose US sanctions and help Iran".

Peace activists meeting with Ahmadinejad, New York, September 2008

CASMII and FOR organized "Peace trips" to Tehran for US activists. These trips were planned and monitored by the Iranian regime