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Who is Baquer Namazi and why did he help Trita Parsi to create NIAC? PDF Print

Hamyaran:  Iranian regime’s created organization to control NGOs

Hamyaran is a government initiated  false flag agency incepted, initiated, founded and managed by the theocratic regime of Iran in 1998 to monitor and control independent NGOs.  Hamyaran has been managed by Baquer namazi and the Deputy Minister and Under Secretary of Health Hossein Malek- Afzali.  Malek-Afzali has held high level governmental positions since 1984.  Hamyaran was packed with Iranian government high level officials.  

In addition to monitoring and controlling the Iran’s NGOs, Hamyaran is charged with channeling all contacts and relations of the NGOs with the international organizations and the UN.   Under the supervision of the government, Hamyaran is also charged with creating communication channels with the Iranians living in the US to utilize them as part of the Iranian lobby. 

Hamyaran’s report of one of their meeting in the “ministry of foreign affairs” with various government agencies attending is a clear indication of the Iranian government's strategy to use NGOs to recruit the Iranian Diaspora. The meeting was held on March 16th, 2002 to review the “grounds for mutual cooperation in the area of strengthening the ties between the Iranian Expatriates and corresponding agencies in Iran with specific emphasis on the role of NGOs in this process.”   In this meeting  “An overall agreement was reached on the nature of cooperation between the Government Agencies, International Agencies, and concerned Iranian NGOs both domestic and abroad. “ According to Hamyaran’s report [9] “Workshops on specific topics related to the Iranian Expatriates and the International Conference on the Role of Iranian Expatriates were considered as immediate action plans.”