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Iralco, How to make lots of money in Iran PDF Print

Iranian American Forum, 5 March 2013

Rouzbeh Pirouz  is a major shareholder and  vice president of  Iralco's board of directors. Iralco bartered with Glencore and supplied Iranian nuclear program. In 2010,Pirouz and Tehran lobbyist Namazi spoke at Harvard and promoted business opportunities in Iran


Commodities giants Glencore  and Trafigura supplied thousands of tons of alumina to the Iranian Aluminum company (Iralco)  that has provided aluminum to Iran's nuclear program, intelligence and diplomatic sources told Reuters.

Iralco is sanctioned by EU because it helps the iranian regime's nuclear program.

A major shareholder and deputy president of Iralco's board is Rouzbeh Pirouz, a London based investor who moved to Iran several years ago and by collaborating with Iranian economic Mafia, was able to invest in major companies including Vetusa and Iralco.

In his December 2010 interview with CNBC, Pirouz  promoted business opportunities in Iran and assured that he will not invest in Iranian companies that are sanctioned by EU and US.

In November 2010, Pirouz  and a well known pro-Tehran lobbyist and oil consultant Siamak Namazi spoke during a Harvard conference and encouraged investors to do business with Iran. Namzi was partner and director of Tehran based Atieh Bahar that collaborated with Trita Parsi to create NIAC and remove sanctions against Iran.