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Chasing David Albright PDF Print

Iranian American Forum, 26 January 2013

These days in some Washington circles, it is fashionable to tag as "warmonger", "AIPAC mouthpiece" and "Neocon" if one warns of the peril of Mullahs' nuclear program. Albright is the new victim of this smear campaign


On January 14, The Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) released a report titled: "U.S. Nonproliferation Strategy for the Changing Middle East' authored by ISIS's president David Albright and four other experts. The report asserts that Iran's nuclear program "Threatens international peace and security, undermines the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty [NPT], and threatens to spur proliferation elsewhere in the region." 

Immediately, the report and its authors, notably Albright came under attack by usual pundits whose positions are in line with the interests and wishes of Iranian regime.

Jim Lobe wrote in Lobe Log that "the report’s recommendations coincided closely with Israel’s positions".

Trita Parsi president of NIAC considered by many Iranians to be the regime's lobby in US tweeted his friend's comment about Albright: "hahaha! just heard arms control expert in meeting say "David Albright is the Lance Armstrong of technical analysis" The government press in Tehran calls NIAC the "Iran lobby in US."

Then, Parsi's associate Mohamad Sahimi slammed Albright in his "Anti War" article and wrote:

"The standoff between Iran and the Western powers led by the United States has created an entirely new "industry" in Washington, which consists of "pundits" on Iran, its political system, and its nuclear program... There are those who have completely sold out to the War Party. Their goal is not objective analysis of Iran’s nuclear program, but appeasing the Party and the Washington hawks who would settle for nothing less than complete destruction of Iran and its people.

Chief among such experts is David Albright, President of Institute for [bogus] Science and International Security [for the American Empire]. He has played a leading role in inflaming the hysteria about Iran by his grand exaggerations, alarms over non-existing evidence, creating something out of nothing.

The "scientist" Albright has teamed up with Dubowitz,....  to issue a 155-page report, which is a political manifesto – better yet, the wish list of the War Party and the Israel lobby –..."

The self-proclaimed progressive website "Dissident Voice" wrote:

"What strikes the mind as reasonably acceptable is that the authors are no political well-wishers; rather, they are indeed so morbidly obsessed with paving the way for another ravaging war in the Middle East that they are trying to cook up another fairy tale as David Albright and his ‘company’ did in Iraq... If truth be told, these terms (report's recommendations) are nothing new and only reek of a Zionist influence contaminating the already decomposing American policy."