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The "Iran lobby" writes to Obama PDF Print

The letter to Obama that was prepared by NIAC and signed by 24 diplomats and experts, received warm reception in Tehran and the "Iran diplomacy" controlled by the regime's former diplomats published a report with Trita Parsi's picture titled: "Did the Iran lobby in the US speak out?"


On December 20, a group of former European and American diplomats and "Iran experts" sent a letter to President Obama and argued that the sanctions will not force Iran to halt its nuclear program and will risk damaging the reputation of the United States in the eyes of ordinary Iranians suffering from the effects of the sanctions. Therefore, the US should offer more incentives to the Iranian regime to facilitate a compromise.

The letter that was prepared by NIAC and signed by its president Trita Parsi and four of its advisors received warm reception by the Iranian regime as the "Iran Diplomacy" website edited by former Iranian diplomats published a report about the letter titled: "Did the Iran lobby in US speak out?". The report was decorated with Trita Parsi's picture next to Ahmadinejad.

This is not the first time that the government press in Tehran calls NIAC the "Iran lobby in US" or shows support to this organization. See here for "governmental press supports NIAC"